About Me

Hallo ... my name Rinaldi Pasaribu . I live in a town in the state capital of Indonesia Jakarta. Currently I work in a school as part of the general staff. I have been married less than 6 years old, my wife's name Netty Herawati and has a daughter who we call Angel Jeany.
I have the desire to have his own business where I aspire to do business in the field of food or training. with the desire and aspirations like this and added the global situation is increasingly difficult world in financing, made me consciously trying to do business online work, both as an advertiser or as reseler.
I believe, by working hard and praying to God, God would help me in achieving my goals. I believe and enthusiastically that one day I will be able to make their own efforts to promote my family and create new jobs.
I was given a very high appreciation for anyone who would support me in my online work effort. If the brothers / sisters or father / mother interested in helping me, you can send money to me either via check or Paypal. If indeed you are interested in helping me, you can send an email to me at: anggip1000@gmail.com or send via my paypal account.
For their help and support I thank you profusely. God bless.